The Under 3 area is a place where your child is nurtured and cared for by our experienced and dedicated team.

Our carers will follow the routines that each child’s family has established at home. When a new child is due to begin at our centre, we encourage families to go through a ‘settling in’ process with their child. We believe this is an effective way of establishing trust between our centre and families. We also encourage parents to stay with their child for as long as it takes for the child to become settled and for everyone to feel comfortable.

We’ll keep a daily record of your child’s routine of eating, sleeping and playing and so parents will feel comfortable that the child’s home routine is mirrored at the centre. We go to great lengths to ensure parents are kept informed about child’s daily activities and we’ve found that parents also find this very helpful.

We welcome and encourage parents to be actively involved in all aspects of the school and their child’s education. Parents are encouraged to talk with teachers regularly, to read their child’s portfolio and to take part in parent meetings and fiafia nights.